Our Staff



Triton Outfitters Manager: Zoe Samuels (they/them)

Zoe is a third year Warren student studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Physics. They are TO manager, and Vice President of the Triton Robotics team. In her free time, they like watching the Lakers, gaming, and reading Batman comics.



Triton Outfitters Assistant Manager: Abby Sebert (she/her)

Abby is a fourth-year transfer student in Sixth College, majoring in general biology and minoring in chemistry. She was previously a sales associate for one year before braving a managerial position. When she’s not at school, Abby likes to strengthen her yoga practice, watch sports and cuddle with her dog. 



Made to Order Manager: Grace Chun (she/her)

Grace is a fourth-year Warren student studying Business Psychology & AAPI Studies. As the manager of Made TO Order, she's excited to provide the clubs, events, and departments of UCSD with quality custom apparel! In her free time, you can find her admiring the beautiful San Diego sunsets, checking out local food spots, dreaming about her next travel destination, and playing board games with friends & family.




AVP Enterprises & Services: Xavier Lopez (he/him)

Xavier is a third-year studying Cognitive Science with a concentration in Machine Learning and Neural Computation. He is the very cool, very sexy AVP of Enterprises and Services at UCSD. He doesn’t really need an introduction, but we enjoy talking about him, so we’re going to. He is the almighty overseer from AS who loves bringing new ideas to all of our meetings. We watch him in awe most of the time. Our only complaint is that he’s too busy dealing with his other problematic enterprises and services to be with us (he also has a wicked sense of humor)!



Sales Associate: Sofia Shaw (she/they)

Sofia is a second-year History major and Art History minor. She is a new Sales Associate and is super excited to be more involved on campus through TO. When she's not at work you can find her in line at M.O.M's, being deranged about music at a local concert, or MCASD in La Jolla



Sales Associate: Angie Neighbors (she/her)

Angie is a fourth-year Revelle student majoring in Bioengineering: Biosystems. She loves working our sales tent and taking care of social media to promote Triton Outfitters to her fellow students. When she’s not working at TO, you can find her at concerts or checking out coffee shops and music stores all over San Diego and Orange County.



Sales Associate: Jose Vega (he/him)

Jose is a second-year majoring in Business Economics from Oakland Ca. He loves fashion, social media, and iced matcha lattes. You can catch him on campus always with a fly outfit. Jose says that he already loves the environment and his fellow coworkers on the TO team. We also think he is pretty awesome for managing his own male-owned cosmetic business!




Sales Associate: Sam Douglass (he/him)

Sam is a third year transfer student at Thurgood Marshall majoring in Psychology. He loves customer service and people in general. When he is not giving a whole hearted commitment to his academics, he is what some would describe as an excessive hobby enthusiast. He loves his family, walking his dogs, the outdoors and talking about himself in the third person. Every birthday you’ll find him at Coachella Music Festival, an event he will continue to go until he is very, very old.



Sales Associate: Talisa Perez (she/her)

Talisa is a third-year student majoring in Biochemistry. She joined Triton Outfitters during her first year and has loved being a part of the team ever since. Some of her hobbies are dancing, going to the beach, and spending time with her brothers. Talisa's favorite study spots on campus are the Sixth college rooftop, Galbraith study rooms, and Pinpoint Cafe at Scripps.


Sales Associate: Taylor Durick (she/her)

Taylor is a second year student in Seventh college majoring in political science and minoring in psychology. She just joined TO and is super excited to be a part of the team! In her free time, she enjoys binging tv shows, playing basketball, and exploring San Diego. She also excels in Mario Kart.




Sales Associate: Ivy Xu (she/her)

Ivy is a second year majoring in Mathematics. She recently joined Triton Outfitters and is very excited to be apart of the team! One of her favorite things to do is jam out to music. In her free time, you can catch Ivy trying out new coffee shops, watching sunsets, or strolling down beaches. She loves all things nature!



Sales Associate: Grace Kotyuk (she/her)

Hey everyone I'm Grace! I am a fourth-year human biology major living it up in La Jolla! When I'm not working for Triton Outfitters you can find me in the gym, binging tv, or trying to keep up with my classes! If I had to recommend one place in La Jolla to someone I would 100 percent choose The Cottage! (amazing stuffed french toast)



Made to Order Sales Associate: Matthew Chen (he/him)

Matthew is a third year Marshall student majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Marketing. As a new sales associate, he is excited to help MTO with marketing outreach and hopes to make Made To Order more visible on UCSD's campus! In his free time, Matthew enjoys reading books, drinking Vietnamese coffee, watching the Lakers lose, and spending more time listening to music than his own thoughts.



Public Relations Coordinator for the AS Graphic Studio: Kharylle Rosario (she/her)

Kharylle is a fourth-year Sixth College double major, studying Molecular and Cell Biology as well as Global Health. She has been working with the AS Pubic Relations team since April 2023. Her favorite part about working in PR is getting to realize fun social media campaigns to promote products. A fun fact about Kharylle is that she loves to go on outback and nature adventures!  



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